Watch TV for free without a cable subscription

Since TV signal has gone digital, many believe that it is no longer possible to watch television without paying for a cable subscription. It’s not True!

It is still possible to access general-interest channels such as Radio-Canada, and TVA  free of charge, without subscribing to a cable operator, by purchasing an HD digital antenna.

Today, more and more people want to definitively cut the cord with cable companies because almost all content is now available in other ways.

The combination of a digital antenna for general-interest channels and online content viewing through the many content applications has become the best of both worlds for many.

Online applications and content

More and more applications and content websites are available for mobiles, tablets and computers. You probably already know some of them., Netflix and iTunes and Youtube are among the most popular. TV channels are gradually converting to new ways of reaching their audiences. Channel V, for example, offers It is nothing more than the web version of the broadcaster with the added bonus of extra content and live broadcasting.

If you like watching hockey, especially in the playoffs, the NHL website and application offer a subscription to watch all games, some of which are in French! It is also possible to subscribe to RDS or TSN and project everything on your television via a Chromecast.

A good tip when you’re looking for content: take a look at the applications available on your smart TVs and streaming devices (Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, etc.). These are full of direct links to specialized online content. Movies, concerts, video clips, news, sports and more. Some content is even available in 4K quality.

Everything is at hand and at very little cost compared to the expensive subscriptions of cable companies.
What does unsubscribing imply?

Unsubscribing from your cable company can represent big savings, up to $70 a month for some.

But since the channels received by the antennas are free, it is certain that you no longer have access to on-demand programs, to record your favorite programs for later or accelerated listening.

Forget about specialty channels such as Canal Vie, ARTV, TVA Sport. You will need to find another alternative to listen to the content broadcast on these channels, for example, through their website or watch the live broadcasts.

If you plan to listen to a lot of content online, make sure you have an unlimited Internet plan so you can download or listen to HD content without having to pay an extra fee for exceeding your subscription limit.

Tips for choosing your Internet provider

There are digital HD indoor and outdoor antennas that allow you to receive Canadian general-interest channels and some American channels free of charge, depending on the proximity of the broadcast antennas.

You pay for the antenna once, then you receive the channels for free, without subscription.

Indoor HD digital antennas

Indoor antennas connect to your TV using a coaxial cable (the wire with a small metal rod in the middle) and you must orient it to the outside of your home to limit the elements that can block the signal. By a window, it’s ideal!

Usually the antenna wire is quite long, so there is no need to move your TV.

Outdoor HD digital antennas

For outdoor antennas, they can be installed on a balcony, roof, wall or chimney. Professionals can install it if you are not able to do it yourself.

They generally capture more channels than indoor channels and are designed to withstand the elements and our cold winters.
Broadcasting content on a television set

There are several devices that allow you to turn your TV without Internet connectivity into a smart TV so you can listen to Netflix, YouTube and others without having to connect your computer. However, your device must have an HDMI port for magic to work.